Starshaped Press – Jen Farrell

Recap:  2/12/14

Thank you to LWD member Jen Farrell, owner of Starshaped Press for hosting and inviting us into her amazing studio space.

Collaboration – Supporting each other in the design world, and establishing positive collaborations.  We discussed great collaborative experiences and of course those collaborative experiences you either learn from or decide working alone enables you to be more successful.  Below are some great links that came up in our discussion.

-3 C’s in a successful Collaboration – (Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation)

Communication – speaks to how everyone understands each other and how information is shared

Coordination – Coordination, like communication, begins with an assumption of differences.  Everyone involved bringing their strengths to the project and taking ownership of the aspect of the project that falls within their specific skill set.

Cooperation – the process of working together to the same end.

“Holacracy” – gaining traction as an idea for a new workplace structure, where the ‘power’ is balanced. It made Bridgette think of the whole freelance landscape in general, and how prevalent it is.

-Pricing – owning what your pricing is and not having to justify it.  Below are some great links that came up in our discussion. Some women in the group find it best to get everything in writing so there are no surprises or need for negotiations at the end.

After the Jump, a podcast hosted by design blogger Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.  This podcast is great but this interview with Eskayel owner Shanan Campanaro really speaks to being unapologetic about your pricing as a business owner and “owning it”.

F*ck You, Pay Me:–2/1

Other links and references that were brought up: