Makers – Women Who Make America

Recap:  5/14/14

-We discussed the difference between “Designer” and “Artist” and what the crossovers are in process, discussion and critique. Is art more personal and emotional while design has the buffer of “function”?  Is there less of a black and white difference?  Many of us see ourselves as both and others more defined as one or the other.

-In cross-disciplinary critiques how can an artist and designer have a constructive dialogue around work?

The Critique Handbook provides a great guide for both artist and designers in critique.  Learning how to have successful critiques can provide the foundation for successful client meetings and successful collaborative conversations with co-workers and design teams. Although this reading is geared towards an “art practice” it is still very relevant to design.  Even though this is something we all know, you may find this reading helpful to share with young students or interns.

-Here are a few pages from the handbook:  critique_handbook

-We watched the beginning of Makers – Women Who Make America.  This is an amazing three-part series available to watch for free at this link:

-The hope is that everyone can watch the full series and we can come together at a future time to have a discussion and share thoughts.

-You can also find on the affiliated Makers website the largest video collection of women’s stories at this link:

-We watched the trailer to Half the Sky:

-View the trailer:

-Another inspirational movie recently watched by LWD members: