Linnea Gits of Uusi


Recap: 11/12/2014

The November meeting was hosted by Carly Cannell of weetu at her live/work space in the West Loop. Carly invited her friend and colleague Linnea Gits of uusi to share her work with the group. Linnea gave us a look into the work her studio creates, including her experiences from the early days of Kickstarter (2012), when her and her husband first launched a campaign, and through several successful campaigns. She talked candidly about working with retailers vs. direct with customers, and the real work that goes into seeing a project through to completion. She shared examples of her decks of cards reproduced from hand created illustrations, and objects made from reclaimed Chicago water towers.

  • Discoveries about playing cards
    • break boundaries: age, gender, language
    • can be approached as object of design
    • magicians were the first community they connected with and they had unique needs/ desires in cards
  • Notes on Kickstarter
    • Backers tend to want to develop the product with you
    • None of the feedback can be dismissed
    • Constant customer service
    • Teaches you everything you need to know about running a small business because you wear every hat: design, fulfillment, customer service, business plan
    • Directly connects you to customers
    • “Pushes down gatekeepers that say no”, meaning, typical barriers or hurdles are gone; more opportunities present themselves
    • Has potential to track sales numbers, measure monetary gains
  • Uusi journey
    • Didn’t want to be limited to being a ‘playing card company’
    • They have moved beyond cards into object design and creating; some connected to card playing
    • New doors have opened and new connections have been made through card business success
    • Exciting collaborations are on the horizon

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