Handcrafted Wall Coverings – Gina Panijin


Recap: 1/13/2015 

For January’s meeting, Gina Panijin gave us an intimate look into the work she does as a surface designer. She has over 20 years experience developing wall coverings, previously with the company Maya Romanoff (where she was for the majority of that time), and now with Atrium Wallcoverings where she holds the position of Director of Product Development.

Gina acquainted us with her process of prototyping with production in mind. She creates original prototypes in her very intuitive and inherent manner, which she then translates to the production staff, using methodical and repeatable techniques. In some cases she has worked with the staff to produce new tools to create the designs she’s developed.

Her inspiration comes from many places including her environment, nature, historic and contemporary imagery. Her palette and toolbox include a myriad of materials, including (but certainly not limited to!):

  • acrylic
  • gesso
  • tissue
  • conduit
  • PVC pipe
  • cut aluminum strips, sometimes cut to Gina’s specifications

As a designer and artist, her overarching goal is to “create a product that has depth, mystery and surprise. Something that is not predictable.”

Thanks for sharing your work Gina!

IMG_20150113_203149_865 IMG_20150113_203120_739IMG_20150113_205935_363OakBlueCopperDetail MetallicMoleculesGessoBase2 GlossyPineEggplant