Mode Moderniste – Caroline Bellios

Recap: 12/16/2015 

December’s meeting featured a talk by Caroline Bellios, Assistant Director of the Fashion Resource Center at the School of the Art Institute entitled “Mode Moderniste: Sonia Delaunay & the Art of Fashion.” It was held amidst the ongoing installation “Gray’s Department Store: A Show & Shop of the League of Women Designers” at the Department of Curiosities.

Caroline situated Delaunay among her contemporaries, including Eileen Gray, the show’s namesake, and illustrated how Delaunay exemplified a fluidity of practice between artistic mediums and design disciplines. Delaunay was known for her practice of simultaneous art, a groundbreaking use of contrasting colors and the visual compression of time. She furthered simultaneous art’s vibrant and vital effects by synchronously presenting her color studies in multiple mediums. For example, a painting would be represented in the pattern of a textile sewn into a garment featured in a theater performance. Delaunay’s relationship and parallel practice with her partner Robert Delaunay, a painter, illustrated similar values and principles.

Following Caroline’s talk, present LWD members gathered to reflect on the value of participating in the group during the past year and how to continue positive developments in the upcoming year. The benefits of sharing experiences, knowledge, and processes in an open forum repeatedly came up in conversation, in addition to taking part in the supportive environment the group provides.

Thank you Caroline for your illuminating presentation and the Department of Curiosities for again sharing your space.

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