Tattoo Artist Esther Garcia

Recap: 5/2016

May’s meeting was hosted by Esther Garcia, Founder of Butterfat Studios, along with Butterfat Resident Artist, Stephanie Brown. Butterfat Studios is a private art and tattoo workshop, specializing in natural illustration themes. Esther and Stephanie bring fine art backgrounds and a broad range of rendering techniques and influences to their work. Their tattoos are developed exclusively from projects proposed by the artists, based on the artists’ own designs, curated material, or created in collaboration with guest artists hosted by Butterfat. Projects are chosen to highlight the artists’ abilities and often serve as a means to focus on a new technique, ultimately allowing for specific and unique pieces that push the traditional boundaries of tattooing.

The evening generated discussion about a number of themes such as: the value of strong female business role-models (for Esther, her mother!), the niche role women can fulfill in male-dominated industries, and how to counteract undesirable preconceived notions for female design professionals. Esther and Stephanie openly shared how Butterfat grew to be successful enough to handpick its own clientele. Instagram enabled Butterfat to build a large and loyal worldwide following. Butterfat has also been able to generate its own demand by cultivating an air of exclusivity and mystery through limited-access events and a tantalizingly locked store front. For those less familiar with tattoo art and culture, Esther and Stephanie illuminated the numerous considerations such as placement and movement with musculature that are involved in tattoo art.

Thank you, Butterfat Studios, for an informative and inspirational evening.