In conjunction with Design Week Portland 2017 LWD Portland presented a curated design show and panel discussion titled “Periphery”


Show Statement:

Often we find ourselves pushing personal practice into the periphery of our day to day, because we are overcome doing work that pays the bills. This is an exhibition of the work that exists in the periphery, that is not client or profit driven. It is the work that gives us the space to dream big, to play with the boundaries of a discipline or profession, and to be inspired or inspire others.

Participating designers are LWD members who work in different facets of the professional design field.


Panel Discussion: 

On April 28th we invite you to an inspired evening of conversation. Join us for drinks and small bites, followed by a design talk with Laura Allcorn, Abbie Miller, Sara Schmidt and Rena Simon moderated by Sara Huston. The women will be discussing what drives them to create outside of their paid gigs and if this side work inspires their day jobs or if it is an outlet for their creative inspiration.



Olympic Mills Building – South Lobby
107 SE Washington St
Portland, Oregon 97214


Participating Designers:

Laura Allcorn
Leah K.S. Amick
Jennifer Cooke
Taryn Cowart
Emi Day
Jennifer Freudenberger
Ali Gradischer
Lauren Hackett
Whitney Jordan
Abbie Miller
Emily Nachison
Marilee Sweeney
Sara Schmidt
Rena Simon
Chelsea Stephen


Show Curator: Sara Huston

Co-curators: Emily Steen and Kate Mackinnon

Show Graphic By: Marilee Sweeney of Gastronaut Design

Photo Credit:  Mitch Hose



Thank you to our sponsors! Their support not only made this event possible but also made it affordable and open to the larger Portland design community.

Media Sponsor: GRAY Magazine

DWP, Vida Design, Happy Mtn Kombucha, ZGF, Premier Press, Neenah PaperParallel Studio, AC+D and our generous volunteers