Jessica Jacobs

Recap: 2/2018

Our February gathering was led by member Jessica Jacobs, and was on the topic of feminist design and entrepreneurship. In the broad world of design and design research, there is a notable lack of conversation about diversity and inequity in design practice and the practices of women designers and entrepreneurs. This absence impacts the opportunities that women have to be successful in the industry.

By pushing these conversations out into the open, we may contribute to the creation of futures that are more inclusive, collaborative, innovative, sustainable, and ultimately, scalable. This meeting will be an open, wide-ranging, inclusive discussion that will examine these issues.

Questions we explored included:
– How do you define feminism?
– Do you consider yourself a feminist?
– How does this affect (or not affect) your practice/business?

Recommended reading:
To help situate the conversation, we read a seminal article by Cheryl Buckley,“Made in Patriarchy: Toward a Feminist Analysis of Women in Design,” which examines the omission of women throughout the history of design.  Click on the link above to download it.