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LWD is an all volunteer, member-led organization.  Join us in making 2019 awesome!

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Programming Volunteer

Although monthly meeting topics are member-led, there are occasionally months we have to fill with programming. We are looking for LWD members who excel at interdisciplinary thinking, are naturally curious, and are inspired by topics that are a bit outside of the box but inspire design. You will be in charge of curating and coordinating 1-2 monthly meetings in 2019 during the open months we need to fill.

Meeting Recap Volunteer

We are looking for detail oriented LWD members who can record monthly meeting notes. The goal of our notes is to be a resource for members, to be educational, purposeful, and help promote the work or topic of the person presenting. You would be in charge of taking notes with all details and links and emailing them over to be posted on our website/blog.

Graphic Designer –

We are looking for LWD members to help with small graphic design needs that come up – email banners, social media banners, meeting announcement banners.  

Photography Volunteer – Monthly Meetings –

We are looking for LWD members that can help us visually record meetings, presentations, and studio tours. Quality cell phone cameras could totally work for this.

Photography Volunteer – Public Events –

We are looking to create a list of LWD members that are professional level photographers we can reach out to to help us document LWD public events.