The League of Women Designers Chicago presents SKIRT, a group exhibition showcasing a cross-section of the latest work of its members from allied design fields, while highlighting various approaches to a single word, Skirt. 

Skirt: \’skərt \

1. to form or run along the border or edge of : border 
2. to furnish a border or shield for 
3. to go around or keep away from in order to avoid danger or discovery 
4. to avoid especially because of difficulty or fear of controversy 

1. a separate free-hanging outer garment or undergarment usually worn by women and girls covering some or all of the body from the waist down 
2. the rim, periphery, or environs of an area 
3. slang: a girl or woman 

Show dates:  June 15th – July 27th, 2013 

Participating designers:

Heather Anderson, Araidia Blackburn, Bridgette Buckley, Stephanie Cobb, Jennifer Farrell, Elizabeth Fiersten, Eve Fineman, Jamie Hayes, Catherine McCulloch, Kari Merkl, Heather Mullins, Donna Piacenza and Linda Pulik

Curated by Bridgette Buckley & LWD Chicago; exhibition essay by Lauren Viera