Recap: LWD Ladies Who Make

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LWD facilitated a small summer series called “LWD ladies who make”. We got to go behind the scenes of two amazing LWD members and hear about their process bridging design, art, technology and making.

July 2015:

Heidi Schwegler (Artist and Chair of the MFA AC+D Program) was doing a month long factory residency at the highly regarded Bullseye Glass Co. Heidi showed us what she was working on while in residence. She talked about her creative process as well as the technical process working with and casting glass.

One of the lead fabricators and one of the owners lead the tour of their amazing facility. In Heidi’s words “The place is amazing” and it was!


August 2015:

In August LWD member Diane Pfeiffer hosted  a tour of SuperFab, sharing their exciting in-house capabilities and recent projects.  She also shared with us her background in the digital design and fabrication realm and what currently inspires her most.

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