Chicago Design Museum

Recap: 8/26/2015   

In August, LWD met at the Chicago Design Museum for a personal tour of the museum’s current exhibit, The State of Detroit, by co-curator Morgan Walsh.

Morgan spoke about her ambitions as a curator to break down preconceived notions about Detroit while simultaneously breaking down viewer expectations about exhibitions themselves. The curatorial process involved an extensive period of research for herself and fellow curator Elizabeth Cummings. Over the course of six months, their understanding of Detroit – and the direction of the exhibit – evolved from focusing on high-end designed objects and more established designers to highlighting socially-oriented projects and urban systems. This unconventional emphasis created the additional challenge of how the projects would be presented in a museum setting.

Thank you, Morgan, for sharing your work and welcoming LWD to the Chicago Design Museum.

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Featured image above courtesy of the Chicago Design Museum.