Disruptive Innovation


LWD Portland was privileged to be asked to help curate a panel in conjunction with the MoCC show Alien She.  What transpired was an amazing conversation between these badass women!

Panel date November 17th, 2015

Disruptive Innovation: Doing it on your own terms 

Disruptive Innovation:  Doing It On Your Own Terms, curated by the League of Women Designers.  LWD invited four female panelists who have each designed their own path within existing paradigms.  By engaging a conversation regarding their choices and methods, the panel used the concept of disruptive innovation to explore the invisible infrastructures where power lies.

Stacey Hallal / Comedian / Founder Curious Comedy Theater / All Jane Comedy Festival
Chris Antemann / Artist / Parodic ceramicist
Misty McElroy / Advocate / Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls and Rock Power for Girls
Intisar Abioto / Photographer / Dancer / Writer / The Black Portlanders
Moderated by LWD member Leslie Vigeant – Graduate Studies Program Manager, MFA Applied Craft + Design/ Artist / Co-Founder Lifestyles Unlubricated

Questions asked to panelist:

-Each of you has a defining, specific, material that you use as vehicle for delivery.

-Chris – Porcelain

-Misty – Rock and Roll

-Stacey – Comedy

-Intisar – Photography, blogging

-What were you / are you reacting to?  Was this a reaction or a cause? Is it reaction to or creating a new community?

-Were you making space, and what/who were you making space for?

-You all have a megaphone – have you been surprised at the reach of your voice? and who is responding that you never expected?

-Can you talk about any push back that you have received / or censoring that you’ve done in order to “fit” into the existing paradigms?

-At this moment in time your work is super relevant – subversion of a craft medium and content, empowering women both young and old in music and comedy, revealing the power of Portland’s Black community. Is it your hope that one day your work will become irrelevant?