Felicia Ferrone – Founder of fferrone design

Recap: 10/8/2015    

October’s meeting was hosted by Felicia Ferrone, Founder of fferrone design, at her home in Printer’s Row. Felicia has worked internationally, exhibited widely, and been honored with several design prizes for work under her own brand. She spoke briefly about starting her own collection, working with manufacturers, and commented that launching it was likely made possible by ‘brute force and ignorance.’ Felicia also discussed her recent reflections about the meaning of a Master’s level education in design. Thinking about the subject came from her new role as Graduate Director of the Industrial Design program at UIC where she is also a Clinical Assistant Professor. Many LWD members share Felicia’s dual identity as both independent designers and educators.

Among the attendees of the meeting was Sara Huston, a visiting member of the Portland chapter of LWD and co-owner of The Last Attempt at Greatness

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