Author Lily Bernheimer

On Oct 8th 2019 LWD Portland hosted Lily Bernheimer, environmental psychologist and author of The Shaping of Us – How Everyday Spaces Structure Our Lives, Behavior, and Well-Being.

Lily talked about her work and research in the field of environmental psychology and we opened it up to Q&A


Lily’s first book, The Shaping of Us, explores how the built and natural worlds subtly influence our behavior, health, and personality. From caves to cathedrals to our current housing crisis and the dreaded open-plan office, Bernheimer demonstrates that for our well-being, we much reconnect with the power to shape the world around us. Only when people are involved in forming and nurturing our environments will they feel a greater sense of agency, community, and pride. Join us to learn more about how space makes us tick and how to fix the broken parts of our world.

Lily Bernheimer is an environmental psychology author, consultant, and researcher. She is Founding Director of Space Works Consulting where she works to make human environments work better for the people and purposes they serve.