Architect Ady Leverette


Recap: 10/28/19

Hosted by Architect Ady Leverette at the ADU she designed and built

We gathered around Ady’s dining room table in her elegant 800 square foot ADU for a casual conversation about her unique creative path and process. She describes the home: “The design inverts the typical house arrangement by putting the bedrooms on the ground floor and the living area above. By lifting the open living area to the second floor, the space becomes voluminous and feels perched in the trees.”

Ady Leverette’s passions and professional practice span multiple mediums. An architect and graphic designer by training, Ady discussed her diverse background in musicdocumentary film and  visual explanations. She also worked in the unexpected fields of law, civil rights, and personal injury during the recession. She found it fascinating that skills one learns in architecture school translate to these seemingly unrelated fields.

In 2019 Ady and her partner formed Placeship – an architectural firm focused on designing small living spaces. It sounds like they are both pursuing work in their previous fields while also infusing their passion into this shared architecture practice.

Treehouse ADU – Designed by Placeship





*photo credit Peter Eckert